Monday 22 May 2023


 Hi Everyone

This challenge blog is taking a break for the foreseeable future but Moving Along With The Times is resurfacing on June 1st.


Wendy L


Sandra H said...

Oooh how sad you will be missed x

Janette said...

Sorry to read this.xx

Suze said...

Sad to see another challenge blog go on break.
I'm hoping to see it resurface again in the future.
Thank you for all the challenges to date.
Best wishes, Suze

Barbara Nimmo said...

Thank you, "Crafty Friends Challenge Blog," for providing us with a platform to celebrate creativity and nurture our crafty friendships. Your blog continues to be a source of inspiration for artists and crafters alike.

And to zeus network promo code, here's to celebrating her accomplishments and the magic she brings to screens through her captivating performances.

John Cruz said...

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